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About the Bunkhouse

Traditions matter. For us it’s more than just a slogan. We’re committed to bringing back some of those old brewing conventions, making beer with both purpose and passion.

There’s also a Montana tradition of giving back to your community. Maybe it comes from our hard winters, where folks pitch in to shovel each other out of drifts and lend a hand without a word being spoken. At the Bunkhouse we’re committed to that tradition.




    Unlike Belgian-style wheat beers, our German-inspired unfiltered hefeweizen isn’t served with a slice of lemon or other fruit. It’s intended to be consumed as it comes, so you can savor the flavors without anything coming between you and the beer. We’ve branded it with a name used for a big drunk or binge in the Old West to commemorate its memorable character and style. The name also evokes visions of high mountain meadows, blending nicely with the beer’s bright flavor and finish.


    The cattle industry in the Old West was based on the Longhorn, also known as the broadhorn for its wide, sweeping horns. Often brown in color and of uncertain disposition on the best days, the Texas Longhorn was eventually replaced by the more hardy shorthorn varieties we see today. Our brown ale is of much more even disposition, but its color harks back to the broadhorns who helped shape both the reality and the myth of the Old West.


    Back when Montana was still part of Idaho Territory, the lure of gold brought the first large wave of settlers to the region. Placer (the ‘a’ sounds like the ‘a’ in Plaza) gold was the easiest to get at, since the “shiny stuff” was deposited in banks of sand or gravel left behind by long-melted glaciers or rivers swollen by winter melt-off. But ‘easy’ in mining means standing in sometimes knee-deep icy water swirling pan after pan of sand and gravel, hoping to see some heavier gold left behind once the pan’s cleared. Pilsners take over 40 days to make, and have to be chilled below the temperature of those icy mountain streams. But like the gold glittering in the bottom of the miner’s pan, a clear cool Pilsner is a treasure to be savored.


Growlers for Good Night

Growlers for Good Night generates donations for non-profit organizations, giving them a steady stream of support. Each time a patron brings in a charity growler on a Growlers for Good fill night, a portion of the fill price goes to the charity named on the growler.  Read More >>

What People Are Saying


“Best beer in Bozeman. The Red is a deliciously flavorful, refreshing beer. Likewise for the Porter.” ~ Paul

“The Yearling has a fantastic, smooth, and easy taste–my favorite so far. Could drink it all day!” ~ Mike

“Both Porters are the best in southwest Montana. Well balanced beer with great true porter taste.” ~ Alex

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