Oro y Plata Norwegian Farmhouse Ale (a.k.a. Tree Beer)

ABV: 5.2% // IBU: 19
Status: On Tap

Oro y Plata, named after our state’s motto, is a Norwegian Farmhouse Ale brewed using locally-grown 2-row pale malt Gallatin Valley Malt, Amarillo hops from Glacier Hops Ranch, and fermented with a Kviek Norwegian Farmhouse Ale yeast from Imperial Yeast. During the boil in the brewing process, the hot wort (unfermented beer) was run through a lodgepole pine luge created using a hollowed out log and steeped in lodgepole pine needles from a tree harvested in Hyalite Canyon. This process has imparted Oro y Plata with a subtle, yet noticeably piney terpene aroma. The beer pours a deep straw gold color with a soft, pillowy off-white foam that leaves beautiful lacing on the glass. Flavors present include bready malt, hints of tangerine, and a soft pine lumber note. It drinks almost lager-like and finishes smooth and dry.