The Bunkhouse Beers

Double Dunk Bunch Imperial Dunkelweizen

A hybrid between a traditional Dunkel and a Brown Ale brewed with a Bavarian yeast, this beer is funky and delicious just like it’s namesake (Frankie Smith’s Double Dutch Bus: Double Dunk Bunch clocks in at an ample 7.0% ABV and 30 IBU and is bursting with the aroma and flavor of nutty banana bread…

Sangre de los Muertos Sour Stout

Black as night and brewed with a dash of Brujeria (Spanish for voodoo or witchcraft), our new Sangre de los Muertos Sour Stout is here to rock your palate and spice up your October. Featuring a subtle sourness blended with notes of unripened stone fruit and roasted malt, this deceptive dark kettle-soured beer was brewed with…

Rusty Baler Harvest Ale

With the change of the seasons come new beers! We welcome autumn with the return of our Rusty Baler Harvest Ale, a Montana twist on an English Pale Ale. This amber fall-sipper has a malty rich flavor with soft notes of jamminess and citrus jelly candy. As you drink it, aromas of caramel and citrus…

La Petit Maison Enkel Belgian-Style Blonde Ale

An effervescent, delightful beer that will fill your senses with joy! Bursting with spice and floral aromatics, this Belgian-style Blonde Ale features flavors of honey, biscuit, and vanilla and clocks in at a quaffable 5.6% ABV.

Bandit’s Moon, Phase IX: Tropical Bouquet IPA

Brewed with a medley of tropical fruits, lactose, and a heaping dose of hoppy goodness, Tropical Bouquet IPA will take your senses on a tropical vacation. This beer is bursting with tropical flavors and aromas of pineapple, citrus, passionfruit, coconut and more.

Canyon Line Blonde Ale

An American-style Blonde Ale, this beer is a crisp, clean, and light refreshing libation. It is a quaffable beer with light hop notes and a delicate malt balance making for an easy-drinking experience.  Pairs perfectly with sweet, hot and spicy foods.

Running Iron IPA

Featuring a revamped recipe, our Running Iron IPA is a West Coast-style IPA hopped with Montana-grown Amarillo and Azacca hops from Glacier Hops Ranch in Whitefish, MT. Bright notes of citrus, pineapple, and honey combine with strong nuances of tropical fruit to create a citrus flavor bomb paired with a pleasant bitterness.

Sabino Red Ale

An American-style Red Ale, Sabino has an enticing Mahogany hue which features notes of toasted malt, candied sugar, and stone fruit. It finishes dry and is low in bitterness making for an easy-drinking experience.


The Bunkhouse is committed to bringing back some of the old brewing conventions, making beer with both purpose and passion. We choose our beer varieties with an eye to Montana’s brewing heritage.
Because traditions and community matter.

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