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Local sourced hops in our Harvest Pale Ale.

Dew Drink Dubbel

A true taste of the old world.  Slightly tart and acidic with deep notes of prune and oak dryness.

beer tap pouring an oatmeal stout

(Rye)se N (Chai)ne Imperial Stout

This rich and creamy imperial stout features Rye malt and a special house blend of Chai spices.  Absolutely delicious!

Upsetter American Pale Ale

The Upsetter American Pale Ale is a tribute to style that is the foundation for the craft beer movement.  This American Pale Ale is a contemporary look with bright notes of citrus, pear, and peach.  We hope you enjoy our take on the true original craft beer.

Canyon Line Blonde Ale

This one was so good we brought it back!  At 5.2% and 19 IBUs this blonde is easy to drink.  You’ll love the crisp, refreshing hop notes and delicate malt balance.  Pairs perfectly with sweet, hot and spicy foods.

Tumble Down Shack Barleywine

Featuring first-run, pure Alaska Birch Syrup and handmade candied fennel, this barleywine is the most intriguing beer we have ever made.

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Where Whe’At Apricot Wheat

Bandit's Moon Phase IV

Bandit’s Moon IPA Phase IV

Featuring organic blue agave, Bandit’s Moon Phase IV IPA boasts a light body with hints of lemon bars, orange peel and grass.

Running Iron IPA

Running Iron IPA has an enticing orange color designed to impart a medium-light body that allows the hops to really shine.  You will find deep notes of orange and citrus in the flavor and aroma with a pleasant bitterness.

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Sabino Red Ale

An English style Red, Sabino has an enticing Mahogany hue that drinks with rich caramel, chocolate cherry, and raisin flavors.  It is very dry and low in bitterness, which rounds this beer off to the elegance of flavor.


The Bunkhouse is committed to bringing back some of the old brewing conventions, making beer with both purpose and passion. We choose our beer varieties with an eye to Montana’s brewing heritage.
Because traditions and community matter.

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