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Sheepherder’s Oatmeal Stout

Named for its dark color (like the black sheep found in most flocks) and its full body and taste (comforting like a pair of woolie chaps on a cold Montana winter day), Sheepherder is one of the Bunkhouse’s flagship brews. Any day’s a good day to “get your wool on” with a mug of Sheepherder.

6.5% ABV // IBU 41

Sabino Red Ale

In the old days cowboys would call a red roan horse (or just about any horse with a reddish coat) a Sabino. We named our red ale after those horses, and also brew it in honor of the Irish immigrants who worked on the railroads, served in the Army, and labored in mines across the Frontier.

6.7% ABV // IBU 24

Running Iron IPA

It seems every brewery these days is turning out IPAs; so many in fact that sometimes they all seem to run together. Well, back in the Frontier days rustlers would use a running iron to alter brands on cattle they planned to steal; making the markings run together and come out looking like something they weren’t. A running iron was like a branding iron, but it featured curves and straight lines which could be used to alter an existing brand. There’s nothing criminal about our IPA, though. It’s brewed to be smooth and pleasing to any palate (even one that doesn’t like IPAs) but still have the hoppy bite of an IPA.

5.3% ABV // IBU 51

Remittance Special Bitter Ale

After the Civil War, many sons of wealthy English families came to the Frontier to “rough it” and experience life. Most of these men (who might later have been called dudes) survived on money sent from home – known as remittances. Our traditional British pub-style ale could be thought of as a remittance from the Old Country, and is a reminder of some of the men who made the Frontier what it was.

4.8% ABV // IBU 26


Style:  Amber Lager

Brewed in the traditional steam beer style ~ light, crisp, and refreshing.

4.7% ABV // IBU 38


Style:  Extra Pale Ale

Light-bodied and smooth with a clean finish.

4.2% ABV // IBU 30


Style:  Cascadian Dark Ale

Well-balanced ale featuring dark caramel malt and texture.

6.3% ABV // IBU 58


Style:  French Saison

Features fruity and spicy flavors ~ full body with a dry finish

7.1% ABV // IBU 25


Style:  Barrel-aged Stout

Very limited release

March 7

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